Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Have I Lost My Focus in Life?

I haven't blogged in a really long time.
Mostly because I have no idea what to blog about.
I have no inspiration!
Also - I feel like I just want to read everyone else's blogs.
They're so interesting - I'd rather spend my internet time seeing what they're up to.

In the past few days - I got to thinking.
'Maybe I could write about this or that....but why? That stuff is so meaningless to me. How-to this and how-to that. I wouldn't even read that! I just don't care about it in the grand scheme of things.'
I realized that I want to think about and write about things that matter.
No, this is not going to become a blog about politics.
On my list of things I care about, #268 is The Walking Dead and #269 is politics.

I don't know what this blog is going to become.
I've always refrained from writing posts full of musings and thoughts - because I hate reading long posts about what people are thinking. Or long posts about what God is putting on their heart lately (sorry, that sounds so bad). Or long posts about finding their identity or struggling with this or that.

But I've found more and more - as I spend more and more time learning about God - that He's the only thing I want to write about. Everything else is so trivial - hilariously worthless.
And if someone else were writing my future posts - I probably wouldn't read them.
But I don't want to write anything else so I'm just going to trust that people who are hungry for God will want to read about Him. Maybe no one is hungry for God and no one will read. Oh well!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Montrose Fire Destroys New Apartment Construction on West Dallas

It's still unknown how the fire broke out in the apartment complex - as the fire is still raging. Here are some photos of the ongoing fire! The apartments are GONE - just ashes now.

The amount of smoke is HUGE and can be seen across Houston. Check out the below video.
For more images, check out #Montrose on Instagram.
Video by @cyrilikesmoose

Friday, March 7, 2014

Annie Stanford | Bridal Shoot

Can I just say - Annie is so insanely gorgeous.
This entire shoot, I was fawning over her! I would snap one and then go...
"OHHH my gosh, Annie. You have no idea how good you look!"
I looked okay that day, but next to her I was a total street hag.

Annie & Tim's wedding was amazing. I loved every minute of it! It was gorgeous & perfect.
If you missed their engagement shoot, check it out here!

Enjoy these! I love you, Annie!

Annie Stanford Bridal Shoot by Houston Photographer Audrea Rachelle
Pride & Prejudice, anyone? :)

Annie Stanford Bridal Shoot by Houston Photographer Audrea Rachelle

Annie Stanford Bridal Shoot by Houston Photographer Audrea Rachelle

Annie Stanford Bridal Shoot by Houston Photographer Audrea Rachelle

Annie Stanford Bridal Shoot by Houston Photographer Audrea Rachelle

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Typography Illustrations

Here are a few Typography Illustrations I've been working on!
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"Divine Heartbreak"

Rob Bell speaks of God putting himself out there for love or rejection when He gave Jesus for us.
"Divine Heartbreak" Illustrated by Audrea Rachelle

"Lust Promises What it Can't Deliver" 

by Rob Bell from his book Sex God.
"Lust Promises What it Can't Deliver" - Rob Bell, Illustrated by Audrea Rachelle

"Jesus The Messiah"

from the song Victor's Crown by Darlene Zschech, Israel Houghton & Kari Jobe.
"You are Jesus the Messiah, You're the Hope of All the World" - Victor's Crown by Darlene Zschech, Illustrated by Audrea Rachelle

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Audrea Rachelle

Monday, February 10, 2014

Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette 101 Houston Wedding Planner

It seems I'm a full-time wedding planner at the moment - between officially planning 1 wedding in Houston, unofficially planning another in Houston and being involved in every shoot and party of my cousin's big bash (next week!!!!! See their engagement photos I did here). For the record, I love love love all things weddings. As if you didn't catch that.

Since my own wedding this past year, there were a few things I learned about wedding etiquette and things I wished my guests knew. Here are 3 things every average human being should know about weddings (and parties in general).


For some reason, every person that has met a bride at any time in her life (even an acquaintance) expects to be invited to her wedding. Being friends on facebook does not make you friends in real life. I know this for a fact, because I have so many facebook friends with which I've never even had a conversation.

PLEASE don't make a comment when the couple gets engaged like, "I can't wait to get that invitation!" Or "Do you need my mailing address?" - Or "I'd be happy to do X as your wedding gift" when you don't know for sure that you're invited. This makes the couple feel obligated to invite you whether they want your services or not. 

Weddings are very VERY expensive. Virtually no one has a beer & bbq backyard party anymore (would someone please? this sounds fun) where the price per guest is as little as 12 cents. After all of the flat-rate costs, there are costs per person. Many venues charge a flat rate of - say - $7,500, then $10 per person over 100 people. Food is typically $30-100/person (depending on the plate). The cake is billed per slice. So it's not a like a big party to which they can invite unlimited guests. Please be considerate!


This goes for your siblings, children and relatives, too. THIS IS A HUGE ONE! I don't know why people think this is ok?? 
Standard protocol for wedding invitations is as follows: 
If the outer envelope says, "Mr. and Mrs. Jones", only those 2 people are invited. Do not RSVP for yourself and your children if they were not mentioned on the envelope. If the envelope says, "The Jones Family" or "Jim, Sara, Michael, Sam and Martha Jones", the family is invited. If the invitation says, "Michael Jones + 1", Michael has been offered to invite a date. Otherwise, don't RSVP a date. Furthermore, don't e-mail the couple and say, "Hey, can I bring a date?" That's so rude! It puts the couple in an awkward position - between offending Michael (God forbid) and paying $100 for an extra person they don't even know and Michael will probably break up with in a month.


If the couple asks for an RSVP by a certain date, submit your response by that date. If you don't, your response is counted as a "no". Don't RSVP after the date! They have likely already submitted the numbers to the caterer/venue and paid their final balance based on that number. The newly submitted RSVPs throws the couple a curveball. 

I hope that isn't overwhelming. All of those things can be applied to a birthday party or any gathering - though those are usually a little bit more casual. Just keep these things in mind - as no one HAS to invite you to anything and they're paying for you to be there.

Check out all I do for weddings in the Houston area here!

Happy wedding-going!